Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Home in Ottawa

The Bike at Home awaiting better, cleaner roads!

Yup, Can't get into the shed just yet!

Well the Florida winter has ended for this season but I will return.
I was on the road northbound at about 2:45 am Monday morning as was my plan.
I wanted to clear Jacksonville before the early morning rush hour, mission accomplished.
I settled into a speed limit drive northbound with my cooler full of water and sandwiches, stopping for the most part just to gas up the car.
I was warned of construction just above Richmond Virginia but I managed to hit there when not much was going on and passed right through. The worst construction on the roads was in North part of Pennsylvania, what a mess but once again I passed by without bother due to the time of day.
I wheeled my customary 1000 miles on the uphill drive to home and held up at a Microtel for the night.
I slept well and was on the road at 6:30am after the hotel breakfast. Once again a good drive only encountering some light rain close to home. The weather in Ottawa is overcast, light rain from time to time and on the warm side. All in and around the Ottawa home is perfect, a bit of hard icy snow around but that will not last long.
Lots to do around home.
OH YES, I should mention how bad the roads are, ALL one big POT hole as far as I can tell, OH WELL! 

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princess patti said...

Always glad to hear you're home safe and sound, John!!!