Monday, April 29, 2013

Wonderful day

OK, It was the second real nice day that we have enjoyed since arriving home from Florida.
The Local HOG had a planned ride and the turn out was great.
The ride was through the back country roads to Cornwall Ontario for a Sunday morning brunch.
It was a coolish morning as you can see from all of the leather in the group phot.
After brunch it had warmed up to be a very nice day, jackest still requied.
The ride continued down the Seaway Parkway to Cardinal Ontario, off to Kemptville for Ice cream and home. The day turned into a wonderful 200 mile ride, great day, finally!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Still Cold

Yup I have been home a week as of today and we have only enjoyed one warm day where I could open the windows on the house. Other than that it has been cold and the furnace has been running.
The grey picture was shot last Saturday, cold and wet snow as you can see in the picture.
The nice bright picture was shot this morning after a short Motorcycle ride on one of the river parkways, it is sunny, blue skys but cold outside. I have a bowl of soup in mind right now to warm up after the ride.
More to come I am sure!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Home in Ottawa

The Bike at Home awaiting better, cleaner roads!

Yup, Can't get into the shed just yet!

Well the Florida winter has ended for this season but I will return.
I was on the road northbound at about 2:45 am Monday morning as was my plan.
I wanted to clear Jacksonville before the early morning rush hour, mission accomplished.
I settled into a speed limit drive northbound with my cooler full of water and sandwiches, stopping for the most part just to gas up the car.
I was warned of construction just above Richmond Virginia but I managed to hit there when not much was going on and passed right through. The worst construction on the roads was in North part of Pennsylvania, what a mess but once again I passed by without bother due to the time of day.
I wheeled my customary 1000 miles on the uphill drive to home and held up at a Microtel for the night.
I slept well and was on the road at 6:30am after the hotel breakfast. Once again a good drive only encountering some light rain close to home. The weather in Ottawa is overcast, light rain from time to time and on the warm side. All in and around the Ottawa home is perfect, a bit of hard icy snow around but that will not last long.
Lots to do around home.
OH YES, I should mention how bad the roads are, ALL one big POT hole as far as I can tell, OH WELL! 

Friday, April 12, 2013


Today's Ride group

HOT and Humid here in Daytona right now, just turned on the AC for the first time this season!

DB Pickles & My Last Ride of the Winter
Yup it is time for me, the Canadian to return home for the summer. On the day of this last ride it was snowing back home in Ottawa, Canada, some 10 to 20 inches expected. Oh well not to wear out my US welcome I have to suck it up and hit the road.
The ride morning was hot, humid and threatening rain so as you would be expected the ride group was small. A few riders already in rain gear. A quick stop at destination to pick up a couple of more riders and off we went. Not a big ride on this day just a quick turn around the loop, onto Riverside Drive, back across the bridge to DB Pickles.  You have to like the Pickle Bar at this place. A good lunch and off we went, I don’t think anyone was rained on.
New learning’s,  Tom was in a sleeveless Tee Shirt, unexpected to me the Pastor has a collection of Harley Tattoo’s on his upper arms, good information to know for Daytona HOG Trivial Pursuit, you go TOM!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's taking Place!

Yes indeed, I arose this morning and enjoyed my morning coffee. After rooting around in the fridge I decided I no longer had what I wanted for breakfast. This is a result of trying to eat my way out of the house for my return to Canada.
It was a beautifully warm morning so I hit the road on the bike and rode out to Spring Garden Ranch for breakfast.  I sat out side and enjoyed the morning while having a wonderful breakfast watching the Trotters train. As I was leaving a gaggle of Red Hat ladies showed up to watch the horses, definitely time for me to leave, I think i am as saved as I need to be for now!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

One More Great Day

The count down to driving north is on. To that end I have a number of things that i have to do before the drive.
One of them was to have all of the oils changed in the bike, clutch adjusted and a general look over. Lots cheaper to do this in Florida than in Canada.
Yesterday i headed up to friend CT's place to complete the aforementioned tasks, oil filters and the likes of in hand. CT is the proud owner of a lift, all of the tools and a lot knowledge. I have learned a lot from him and actively participate in the service work. I am comfortable with what we do and I know I can easily do the work myself now, much easier if i had a lift, tough job laying on the floor.
After the service we hit the road for a test ride. I talked about the $4 BLT last week, well that is what we enjoyed along with CT's wife Teresa.
Great day for a ride, we all enjoyed it very much.
I must have been tired after the weekends activities because I fell asleep on the couch during the early evening news waking up at 11:00pm. I hung around until midnight and went to bed rising up at 6:15am, must have needed the sleep.
Today more things to do, just not sure what just yet!
Today's picture the Sunday Ride crowd, not the HOG members!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Big Busy Day

HOG parking lot practice in the morning. A really well attended event that is guaranteed to make a better motorcycle rider out of you. Best of all it is FREE.

The Best $5 Airshow You Will Ever Go To!
Right after the April 7th parking lot practice we all saddled  up for a ride to the New Smyrna Beach Balloon & Skyfest. It was a bit of a rushed ride because our own Daytona Drill Team was performing at 12:30pm and most of us wanted to see the performance. We arrived just in time for the Drill Teams performance start. The performance was really well attended and the folks sure appreciated the skills that the Team demonstrated. The performance went on a good 20 minutes at which point the team kind of just dispersed.
On to the airshow, I guess it was too windy for the Balloons because they were now where to be found but no matter lots of vintage type aircraft, food, drink, helicopter rides and of course the flying.
I would have to say very spectacular flying put on by all of the pilots. The Areoshell team put on a very impressive exhibition followed by an aerobatic exhibition by the world famous Patty Wagstff, man can this lady fly. Flying displays were put on by an A-4 Skyhawk  jet, an Aerobatic Sailplane from Canada, extreme Aerobatics in a custom built biplane, P51 Mustangs, an aerobatic Beach 18 (I had no idea) even a jet powered outhouse. Oh yes your local Sheriff’s Department was showing off its latest machinegun equipped super Helicopters, be careful out there babies.
Yup a very good Airshow added to a very busy day, Good Fun!
Aerobatic Canadian Sailplane

Jet Powered Shit House

Beach 18
Daytona Drill Team

Daytona Drill Team in action

AeroShell Team

Yup this is a POLICE equipped Helicopter!

A-4 Skyhawk

Patty Wagstaff inverted cutting the ribbon.

Patty Wagstaff's plane