Tuesday, April 9, 2013

One More Great Day

The count down to driving north is on. To that end I have a number of things that i have to do before the drive.
One of them was to have all of the oils changed in the bike, clutch adjusted and a general look over. Lots cheaper to do this in Florida than in Canada.
Yesterday i headed up to friend CT's place to complete the aforementioned tasks, oil filters and the likes of in hand. CT is the proud owner of a lift, all of the tools and a lot knowledge. I have learned a lot from him and actively participate in the service work. I am comfortable with what we do and I know I can easily do the work myself now, much easier if i had a lift, tough job laying on the floor.
After the service we hit the road for a test ride. I talked about the $4 BLT last week, well that is what we enjoyed along with CT's wife Teresa.
Great day for a ride, we all enjoyed it very much.
I must have been tired after the weekends activities because I fell asleep on the couch during the early evening news waking up at 11:00pm. I hung around until midnight and went to bed rising up at 6:15am, must have needed the sleep.
Today more things to do, just not sure what just yet!
Today's picture the Sunday Ride crowd, not the HOG members!

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