Sunday, April 7, 2013

Big Busy Day

HOG parking lot practice in the morning. A really well attended event that is guaranteed to make a better motorcycle rider out of you. Best of all it is FREE.

The Best $5 Airshow You Will Ever Go To!
Right after the April 7th parking lot practice we all saddled  up for a ride to the New Smyrna Beach Balloon & Skyfest. It was a bit of a rushed ride because our own Daytona Drill Team was performing at 12:30pm and most of us wanted to see the performance. We arrived just in time for the Drill Teams performance start. The performance was really well attended and the folks sure appreciated the skills that the Team demonstrated. The performance went on a good 20 minutes at which point the team kind of just dispersed.
On to the airshow, I guess it was too windy for the Balloons because they were now where to be found but no matter lots of vintage type aircraft, food, drink, helicopter rides and of course the flying.
I would have to say very spectacular flying put on by all of the pilots. The Areoshell team put on a very impressive exhibition followed by an aerobatic exhibition by the world famous Patty Wagstff, man can this lady fly. Flying displays were put on by an A-4 Skyhawk  jet, an Aerobatic Sailplane from Canada, extreme Aerobatics in a custom built biplane, P51 Mustangs, an aerobatic Beach 18 (I had no idea) even a jet powered outhouse. Oh yes your local Sheriff’s Department was showing off its latest machinegun equipped super Helicopters, be careful out there babies.
Yup a very good Airshow added to a very busy day, Good Fun!
Aerobatic Canadian Sailplane

Jet Powered Shit House

Beach 18
Daytona Drill Team

Daytona Drill Team in action

AeroShell Team

Yup this is a POLICE equipped Helicopter!

A-4 Skyhawk

Patty Wagstaff inverted cutting the ribbon.

Patty Wagstaff's plane

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